Why Doughnuts?

Mmmmmm….. doughnuts.

Ok, so this needs to be explained.  Who starts a blog called Doughnut Holes?

Well, it comes down to an analogy I like to make about Proverbs.  I see the book of Proverbs like a box of doughnut holes.  Each Proverb is very tasty and bite-sized so you can eat as many or as few as you like.

I tend to find myself gobbling down too many of both and I have to force myself to slow down and appreciate each one.  Otherwise I feel over-full (either in the stomach or the head).  Sure, it isn’t a perfect analogy, but it works for me.

So this blog is going to be about Proverbs and Psalms and other short but sweet thoughts about the Bible and my walk with God.  Hope you enjoy.