You may never know the impact you have on people around you

So here’s a cool story that I wanted to share.  Yesterday when I walked into my office, I found a thank you card on my desk.  Here’s what it said inside.

Mr. Clark
I escort the cleaning crew a couple of nights per week an happened to see the book “Time with God for Fathers” on your desk.  Being a child of God, I opened the book and read a couple of pages. I immediately ordered three copies and blessed three men of God who are also fathers. I then purchased three more copies, one for myself, and the other two went to two of my co-workers who are men of God and fathers as well.
Thank you for letting your light shine amongst a lost and dying world!!
I don’t share this story to brag or anything.  After all, I didn’t do anything except leave a book on my desk.  But I wanted to encourage everyone who’s reading this to understand what kind of impact you can have on those around you – even if you never see that impact.
On a similar note, I had a roommate in college who I always respected for being such a kind, respectable person.  He would invite me to his Christian group and I would politely decline.  Eventually when God started moving in my heart, I remembered him and thought that I wanted to see what it was about God that made him like this.  In short, I was drawn to God through the love of one of His saints.
So remember, we are seed casters.  We may not always see the harvest, but the Lord will grow the crops in his own time and we are still very much a valued part of that process.

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