Pslam 119 – Quoph

I hope it isn’t just me, but I often forget about the Holy Spirit.  That sounds silly, but Jesus and God get the top billing and the Holy Spirit is often an afterthought.  I mean, they are all one in the same, so no big deal, but I’d like to give a little love to the Helper.

You are near, O LORD, And all Your commandments are truth. – Psalm 119:151

The Lord is near us always.  In fact, in the form of the Holy Spirit he’s actually inside us.  In our hearts, in our souls, indwelt within our being (or however you’d like to express it).  This seems like one of those mind numbing concepts that we won’t fully understand until we are sitting on His knee up in Heaven, but it is pretty cool and pretty humbling at the same time.

It is amazing that the God of the Universe would take up residence in our bodies.  We broken vessels.  We petty, vain, lazy, greedy, sinful humans don’t really deserve to have the Lord of Hosts camping out in our dirty hearts.  Yet there he is, washing us clean and cutting away the rotten flesh to make room for a renewed believer’s being.  He points the way to his straight and narrow path and urges us forward.


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