Psalm 119 – Samekh

Sometimes we need all need a hiding place.

You are my hiding place and my shield; I wait for Your word. – Pslam 119:114

When we are little, we found places that we could squeeze into and hide.  Sometimes it was for a game, sometimes it was out of fear, and sometimes it was just to have our own little space to play alone.

As teenagers most of us found refuge in our rooms.  Behind that door we had at least some refuge from those parents that JUST don’t understand!

I’m an adult now and I’ve got kids of my own, but even I need a place to sneak away and just be by myself for a while.  Sometimes the stress of work or parenting is weighing me down.  Sometimes there’s so much to do that I need a break to procrastinate before diving in full steam ahead.

The Lord wants to be our hiding place.  Our place to run to when we are feeling weak or overwhelmed or outnumbered.  He provides us shelter and peace of mind.  Nothing can snatch His people from His hand, so while we may suffer some temporary pain and heartache on this Earth, we have the assurance of eternal salvation.

His Word provides us perspective and wisdom that we might miss in our daily routines and schedules.  It guides us through turmoil and comforts us in pain.  It teaches us and leads us in the way that is right.  It gives us freedom from sin and the heart to forgive.

There’s no better hiding place than in the Word of God.


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