Psalm 119 – Heth

How simple, straightforward, and powerful this verse is.

The LORD is my portion ; I have promised to keep Your words. – Psalm 119:57

The Lord is my portion.  He is my inheritance.  He is my reward.  He is my cup filled to overflowing.

In Biblical times, an inheritance was everything.  It was a career, a future, an identity.  A father divided it up among his sons and each would get their portion.

When you ponder the reality that “all have sinned” and none deserve anything but to be punished, the grace that God provides His people is staggering.  Not only does he stay the hand of justice, but he adopts us, washes us, puts fresh clothing upon us, and promises us a glorious inheritance.  A portion that far surpasses all the earthly riches the world has ever known.  Himself.

With that perspective, what can be our only logical response?  We fall on our knees and thank Him first.  Then we stand up and declare “whatever it is you ask of me Lord, I will do it.”  We aren’t perfect, we fail and we grow lazy from time to time.  But when we reflect upon the grace that the Lord has blessed us with, we can’t help but follow after his commandments.

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