What kind of sense of humor did Jesus have?

Forgive me if I slip off of script here a bit, but every once in a while I have a stray thought and I feel like sharing.

I take it as a given that Jesus had a sense of humor. I just don’t know exactly what his style was.  I mean, was he charmingly understated?  Was he silly?  Did he use puns?  Did he have a dry wit that took getting used to?  Did he use situational or cultural humor?

I don’t picture him being self-depreciating, after all, um, he was God.  I kind of doubt he was too much into sarcasm – which I don’t think is sinful in and of itself, but sometimes bleeds into that.  Obviously he wouldn’t be crude or insulting.  But did he poke fun at the Pharisees?

He was the ultimate in setting the right example for his followers.  They had a difficult calling that was world changing in every way.  That’s a lot of intense pressure and required a laser focus.  With that said, he must have understood the value of keeping everyone loose and building camaraderie. Everyone was amazed at his teaching, but I tend to think there must have been a charisma there as well.

We know a lot about what he said and the impact that it had on the world.  We don’t always know how he said those things though.  When he told Peter he would make him a fisher of men, was he stone faced serious or did he have a smirk and a twinkle in his eyes?

And what about the countless hours that aren’t recorded in the Gospels?  Clearly his disciples revered him, but they also felt comfortable with him.

He obviously told great stories (parables).  I wonder if he ever told stories just to crack the guys up.  Maybe even pretending that he was going to share some great insight, only to turn it into some hilarious moment that had little to do with what they thought they were going to learn about.  Or maybe he was able to teach them great insights while also making them laugh at the same time, and the humor has largely gotten lost in translation.

Regardless, he was God.  If he wanted to be the most hilarious man in the world, he could have been.  That probably wasn’t his primary objective though.  There was a lot more important things to do.  Then again, spreading love and joy is a lot easier to do with a great sense of humor.

There’s a billion reasons why it would have been great to hang out with Jesus.  But I’ll bet a nice bonus would be the way that he could make people around him laugh.


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