The Trinity – 1 John 4

This is the most succinct presentation of the Trinity that I’ve found in the Bible. (1 John 4:13-15)

By this we know that we abide in Him and He in us, because He has given us of His Spirit. 14 We have seen and testify that the Father has sent the Son to be the Savior of the world. 15 Whoever confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, God abides in him, and he in God.

Talk about a confusing topic.  Think about it, if you didn’t grow up with this understanding taught to you by your parents/preacher/etc. how would you wrap your mind around it?

So there’s God.  Got it.  And he sent His Son, who is also God.  Okaaay.  And when He died, he sent His Spirit, who is also God, to dwell in us.  Umm, what?

Try as people might, there are no perfect analogies.  I’ve heard the one about the egg.  There’s the shell, the yoke, and the white but they are all “egg.”  You could argue that the shell sends the yoke and white, but you can’t say that the shell is in the yoke as Jesus says “the Father is in me.”

English: a Venn diagram-like symbol for the Ch...

English: a Venn diagram-like symbol for the Christian Trinity (God the Father, God the Son, and the Holy Spirit) Deutsch: Symbol der Dreifaltigkeit/Dreieinigkeit (blau: Dreifaltigkeit, türkis: Dreieinigkeit, grün: Monotheismus) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So basically we’re left with this being a profound mystery that is on a higher plain than what we can comprehend as human beings.  That’s fine.  Part of being a Christ follower is being able to humbly admit your own limitations.  I can’t fully wrap my mind around this but I believe it in Faith.

This is also a point of contention with Muslims who contend that Christians are multitheistic.  I was questioned by an Imam about this once and I could only explain so much without having to admit that at some point it is a leap of Faith.  We believe in one God who chooses to take on 3 forms to accomplish His grand design.  Only He knows why or how this is accomplished.

Regardless, I’m blessed and humbled by this subject.  Humbled because I don’t understand it and blessed because of the perspective it gives me.  God so loved the world that he gave us His son (who is himself also) to die for us.  Then he didn’t abandon us, but sent His Spirit (who is himself also) to dwell in us.  Who are we to deserve 3 versions of the same God?  We deserve nothing yet are thrice blessed eternally.  Praise the Lord.

Also, praise the Lord that I’m reading Revelation now!  I’m almost done!  What should I do to celebrate?


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