The Gospels

Stained glass at St John the Baptist's Anglica...

Just finished reading Acts but it occurs to me that I never wrote about the Gospels.  And how does one even begin to write about the Gospels without feeling completely inadequate?  God, in the flesh, walking among men, dying for our sins, rising again, changing the world forever.

I guess the thing that kept coming to my mind was trying to put myself into the shoes of the disciples and Jews of the time.  Imagine never having the hindsight of centuries of Christian thought and study and religion that we have today.  Imagine instead waiting for centuries for a messiah that you are expecting to come clothed with warrior clothes and a crown upon his head.  Then in walks this guy who looks like any other guy, claiming to be the son of God.

From that perspective; no wonder they tried to stone him!

On the flipside, consider that this was, as I mentioned, God himself.  If you had the chance to just hear him speak, even in his humanly form, I don’t understand how you couldn’t be moved immediately.  The only explanation that makes sense is that the hearer’s hearts were hardened like Pharaoh so that the prophesy of “ever hearing but never believing” would come true.

It doesn’t help that Jesus simply took everything that had been taught to that time and flipped it on its side and changed the way everyone looked at things from that point forward.  First shall be last…, unto the least of these, … blessed are the meek.  These teachings somehow manage to change everything AND remain consistent with the Old Testament scriptures.  Amazing.  As in “amazing grace, how sweet the sound.”


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