Minor Prophets

Winding down on the end of the Old Testament with the minor prophets.  Just finished Jonah – a wonderful little book that has depth (pun intended) beyond the children’s stories we read to our kids.

Amazing that we as a Church spend 75% of our time in the New Testament (and maybe Genesis) but 75% of the Bible is the Old Testament.  I’m struck by consistency of God’s message despite all the different authors delivering the message.  He is a loving but jealous God who is pleading with his people to turn from their false gods and idol worship and turn back to the one true God.  He withholds his judgement to a point but eventually he brings the hammer and disciplines his people so that they will know that He is God.  Yet He does not leave them totally destroyed.

He retains a remnant and promises to restore Israel to His glory.  What a wonderful promise to a “stiff necked” people that deserve all his judgments and none of his Grace.  He pours out his love on His people – even if they have to wait to receive that love.


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