Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel: God Is NOT Happy

I finally made it through Jeremiah!  As I mentioned before, this is a landmark of sorts for me as this is as far as I’ve gotten through the Bible reading it straight through.  I’m maybe a week behind my schedule to finish in a year but I should be able to make up some ground this week.

I’ve heard it before from a guy that used to read through the Bible several times a year.  “God don’t mess around.”  I think I’m getting that picture reading through my last 3 books (Jeremiah, Lamentations, Ezekiel).  Back in Genesis God was fed up with his people and hit the reset button with the flood.  Now, after many, many years of warnings and profits and judges and, well…, God’s grace, He’s fed up.  Time for justice to take the wheel and drive the Israelite people out of their land and scatter them among the nations.

Obviously later we’ll find out that an End Times is coming for us too.  The message I’m getting from this is that God’s patience and grace is amazing, but He won’t simply forgive an unrepentant people forever.  At some point He’s going to bring justice for all, and considering the fact that we’re all sinners, that’s not a fun message.

The good news, however, is of course the Gospel.  Those who do believe in Christ will be like the remnant of God’s people.  Set aside and spared the wrath of God.  How long will the Lord withhold his righteous judgement on this World?  Impossible to know.  But I think it is clear that it won’t be forever.  Fair warning.


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