Bible In A Year Check-In (August)

Just wanted to check in and state that I’m right on track for finishing the Bible in a year.

Clearly this blog has been shuffled down to the lower end of my priorities, but I’m not going to be “that guy” that apologizes about not updating his blog – as if all 3 (or so) of you reading it were somehow deprived of my wisdom.  Still, those 3 of you might be interested in my well being, so I’m humbled and thankful for each of you (and any others that might have stumbled upon this blog).

As is the case for most folks, Genesis and Exodus were easy, fun reads.  Things got more sloggy and bogged down in Leviticus, Numbers, Deuteronomy, etc. but they had their purpose and I worked through that.  The historical books were wonderful in terms of laying out the timeline of the events of much of the Old Testament during the time of the kings.  Somewhere along that line, however,  I got behind a few weeks on my pace and needed to step up the pace.

Then the Lord blessed me with an iPhone app that can “read” the Bible to me during my commute to work.  It was a particular blessing during the books of poetry.   Those read somewhat like a Shakespearean play, which I prefer to see acted out rather than read anyway.

So I’m currently in the middle of the book of Isaiah and will be hitting Jeremiah in the next week or so, which is a milestone of sorts for me.  I tried reading through the Bible a few years back and didn’t have a timeline in mind so I sort of wandered through it for a few years before petering out in Jeremiah.  I’ll have to celebrate somehow after I finally get past that point this time.

Thanks for humoring me with reading this post and thanks for keeping me in your thoughts and prayers.  God bless.

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