God Cares About Different Things Than We Do

Love stories, wars, struggles for power, epic journeys, …these are the things that we tell stories about.  Movies, books, plays, and songs all are used to tell these incredible stories.  Truly all of those elements are included in the Bible as well, but you get the feeling that a lot of it is left out as well.  Especially reading through first and second Kings.

Time and time again, a King’s entire reign is summed up with a couple of sentences (or maybe even a whole paragraph or two) followed by these words:

Now the rest of the acts of [insert King’s name here] which he did, are they not written in the Book of the Chronicles of the Kings of Judah?

There’s probably some pretty interesting stories about these kings and the lives that they led and the people they reigned over.  But God isn’t interested in any of that.  Go read about that somewhere else.  Here, we are only interested in seeing if a king walked in the ways of David or in the ways of the fallen kings like Jehoahaz or Jeroboam or just about any of the Kings starting with J.

Even the ones that did good in the Lord’s eyes did not fully follow the Lord’s commands, usually because they left the high places or Asherah poles up.  Those silly kings, why couldn’t they just take down the high places?  Well, we could as well ask why each of us continues to sin despite trying to walk with the Lord.  No one was perfect, so it took the perfect Son of God to die for us.

So the underlying message I keep getting in Kings is that God is very, very patient with our sin, but also very, very upset about it.  And that’s the only story that really matters.


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