Exodus 15 – 19 (Manna From Heaven)

I’ve always thought that manna was a wonderful illustration of how we’re to approach our daily walk with God.  All we need for spiritual sustenance is there every day, waiting for us to go out and pick it up.  It requires our action, but at the same time it is freely given and it is more than enough to fill us up.  It is sweet to the taste and can be prepared in many different ways (worship, prayer, meditation, study, community, etc.).  You cannot, however, take more than your fill one day and expect to sit around lazy for the rest of the week.  The Lord requires us to seek him out daily.  Just a wonderful analogy.

Other notes from these passages.

  • I always skimmed or forgot this part, but the Lord also provided the Israelites meat in the form of quails.  Sounds like my diet when I was a bachelor – chicken or pasta every night.
  • How quickly we forget and start to grumble.  The people have seen so many miracles, yet they start to grumble because they are thirsty.  Of course, that’s easy for me to say, I’m not in the desert with no water.  Still, I’m sure the Lord was hoping for a little more faith than that.
  • Who’s Amalek and why is he fighting Moses (seemingly out of nowhere)?  I think I’ve read the background on this somewhere, but it escapes me at the moment.
  • Wonderful story about the father in law instructing Moses on delegation.  As the founder and head blogger of a very successful sports blog, I learned the need to delegate long ago and count myself blessed to have several moderators and authors working on the staff to spread out the workload.
  • One of the things that you’ll miss if you just watch the movie the Ten Commandments is the pivotal role that Mt. Sinai plays.  It is more than Moses going up there and getting some tablets.  It is the place where Lord dwells among men in his God form instead of his human (Jesus) or Spirit form.  Amazing.

One thought on “Exodus 15 – 19 (Manna From Heaven)

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