Genesis 40 – 50 (Joseph)

Finishing up Genesis before jumping into Exodus.

  • Love the way Joseph gives all the credit to God for interpreting the dreams.  Seems like he’s learned to have humility.
  • If God wants to help me interpret some dreams about the stock market, I’d be happy to give some tips to the President on getting the country out of debt.
  • Interesting from a business standpoint that Joseph didn’t just open up the storehouses to feed the people.  First he sold it to them, which made Egypt rich.  Then when the people couldn’t afford it anymore, they took all the land as payment, thus increasing Egypt’s land wealth.  Pretty shrewd.
  • On the other hand, he also essentially makes all the people slaves to Pharaoh.  I realize that this was a different time and perhaps slavery was looked upon differently, but we find out soon that the Egyptians don’t exactly go easy on their slaves.
  • God’s people are sparred temporarily, but once the new regime comes into power, all bets are off and God’s people (as He promised) have to endure enslavement.
  • Re-reading the account with his brothers strikes me with how long he played out the ruse.  Also with the length of time that the brothers stayed with their father after leaving one of the brothers behind.  Yes, he forgave them, but it wasn’t a quick “all’s forgiven” type of thing.  He wanted to test their hearts and make them sweat a little before he was going to give them a free pass.
  • With that said, it is remarkable the way that he pours out the blessings on them after they sold him into slavery.  I wonder how much that served to pour burning coals on their heads.  Maybe that was the ultimate revenge (killing them with kindness).  Clearly they were still worried enough to fear for their lives when their father passed away.

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