Genesis 1-10

So I got off to a pretty good head start by getting stuck in a car service waiting room for 3 hours the other day.  With nothing much else to do and armed with my wife’s iPhone, I read the first 20 chapters of Genesis.  That’s a lot to take in all at once, going from the dawn of time to the garden of Eden, to populating the Earth, to the flood, to repopulating the Earth and then to Abraham.  All stories we’ve read and studied countless times, but a wonderful overview as well.  Sticking with the Doughnut Holes theme of this site, I’ll just give you some bullet points and highlights I came away with.  If this works I’ll probably use this for the rest of the year.  This is just the first 10 chapters – I’ll follow up with the rest later.

  • Still don’t know what to believe about the literal vs. allegorical interpretation of the account of creation, but I think God could have created the Earth in six 24 hour days if he wanted to.  Don’t know why he’d make the account sound literal if it wasn’t but I also can’t explain away some of the things that science has brought up.  Until I have more time to research, I’ll put it off – perhaps until Jesus can explain it to me himself.
  • How is there light, morning, and evening (thus a day) without the sun, moon, and stars?  Does that mean a “day” was simply the Earth rotating around once?  At a minimum this is confusing but some things are beyond our ability to understand (or for the author to perfectly relate with words).
  • Find it funny that some find a way to blame Eve (and thus women) for the fall of man.  Sure, she took the initiative to eat the fruit, but Adam was “with her” – which I imagine means he had an opportunity to talk her out of it or prevent it from happening.
  • Interesting theme of God not wanting man to “become like one of Us” meaning the Trinity I suppose.  Repeats in the story of the Tower of Babble.  It is beyond my comprehension how we could ever even approach god-like status, but it was enough for God to be worried about and intervene about.
  • Cain and Able is the first murder recorded in the Word, but I wonder if it was the first to occur.  It sometimes reads like Cain and Able were the only two young men walking the Earth after Adam and Eve, but then there’s wives and soon after a city was built.  So when he reacts to his punishment that “I will be a vagrant and a wanderer on the earth, and whoever finds me will kill me” that tells me there might have been murders before.  Just food for thought.
  • Again, hard to keep up with the genealogies but I think it is clear that the early people lived a long time and had many children that are not mentioned in the Bible – but it is neat that there is a direct line recorded from Adam to Christ – at least that’s what the scholars say.
  • And just like that, God got tired of the sinning of Man and decided to wipe them off the face of the Earth and start over with Noah.  Makes you wonder just how quickly people turned away from God after Eden.
  • I’ve heard it said that every European ancient culture has some record or mythology about a great flood.  Don’t have a reference for that, but it sounds pretty cool.
  • That’s a lot of time to spend on a boat with a bunch of animals.
  • God’s first covenant shows his tender heart towards man and perhaps some regret for destroying everyone but Noah.

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