The Bible In A Year

God's Word

I’ve tried to read the Bible cover to cover before and it took several years for me to give up the slow plod through when I got hung up in Jeremiah.  By that time I had forgotten most of what I had read earlier anyway.

So this time I’m going to try to do it in a year, which will hopefully help me stay motivated.  Also helping in the motivation will be going through the Word with brothers in Christ that will help keep each other accountable.  In truth this wasn’t my idea to begin with, one of my best friends suggested it.  But it might as well have been the Lord’s answer to prayer because I’ve needed something like this for a while.

It is funny, the answer to all of our struggles and concerns is always right there staring back at us.  We’ve learned these answers from our youth (or at least spiritual youth) right on up.  Prayer and spending time in the Word are not glitzy or cutting edge, but they are tried and true.

We are ultimately powerless to solve our issues by ourselves.  We do, however, have the ultimate power in the universe at our fingertips if we would just take the time and effort to use it.  So please pray for me (and join me!) as I take the following year to read through the Bible.


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