God Bless America

I had a passing thought on the 10 year anniversary of 9/11.  We give lip service all the time to the phrase “God bless America” but we seldom stop and think about what it actually means.  I think in the last 50 years or so, it has become more of a slogan than anything else.  But I see it as so much more.

I see it as a plea and a prayer.  I don’t think we have a divine right to God’s blessing more than any other country.  In the last couple hundred years the Lord actually has blessed us more than most other countries, but I think that has made us a bit overconfident and puffed up with a sense of entitlement.

God has always blessed nations that earnestly sought after him, as evidenced in the books of Kings and Judges.  Those same books also accounted for the times when God dealt harshly (and justly) with those same nations (even his chosen people) when they turned away from him.

Are we as a nation truly seeking after God?  In some places I think we are.  In some circumstances we at least give him lip service.  But I don’t think it is enough and I think it is merely a testament to his grace and patience that we’ve prospered this long.

So I say “God bless America” because that is my prayer.  Please restore in us a deep and driving longing to seek your face Lord.  Remind us not only that there is evil “out there” wanting to attack us as they did on 9/11, but there is also sin inside us that needs your blood to be washed away.

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