Daddy, Daddy!

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Last night was the 4th of July and we took our family to the neighborhood cookout.  A few of the neighbors brought out some fireworks to set off.  Our 2 and a half year old daughter was very excited about the fireworks but when they started going off she became very, very frightened by them.

She started running away from the fireworks into our neighbor’s garage.  I quickly joined her and gave her a big hug to comfort her and tell her everything was alright.  She calmed down pretty quick and was soon back out playing with the kids in the lawn.  Then the next set of fireworks started and she was running again, this time yelling out “Daddy, Daddy!”

I scooped her up and held her tight and decided that I wouldn’t let her go this time – a plan that she was completely on board with.  Inside I couldn’t help but smile because it felt good to be needed.  She has already started becoming more independent and as she grows I’m sure that trend will only increase.  I wouldn’t have it any other way, but at the same time it is hard to let go.  To let her face her fears alone and not always have someone to run to is likely going to be the hardest thing I do as a parent.

The parallels here to our relationship with the Lord are unmistakable.  We are all like toddlers running about in our own little worlds but when the big scary fireworks start going off, who’s the one we run to?  The Lord hears a lot more from us when we are distressed and scared than he does in the prosperous times.  He doesn’t take delight in our trials but I think, like a parent, he enjoys our attitude of relying on him.

When I tucked my daughter in last night she mentioned a few times that she didn’t like the fireworks but I just reminded her that I would always be there to hold her.  She repeated the words back to me (in adorable fashion) and you could tell that she would sleep peacefully with that knowledge (she did).

We sleep easier at night knowing the Lord is watching over us and is always going to be there when trials and tribulations hit.  We know that when the time comes, we can call out “Daddy, Daddy” and he’ll be there to wrap us up in his arms and keep us safe.


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