Not Sinless, But We Can Sin Less

Loved this quote from Greg Laurie’s daily devotions today:

…the resurrection of Christ gives us power to live the Christian life (see Romans 8:11). Certainly the Bible does not teach that we will be sinless in this physical body we now live in. On the other hand, we can sin less, not by our own abilities, but by the power of the Spirit.

That last phrase is critical.  “By the power of the Spirit.”  It is easy to convince yourself that you can pull yourself up by your bootstraps and “be a better person” to somehow prove that you are a good Christian or somehow deserve the love that the Lord gives you.  But the Gospel doesn’t teach that.  It teaches us that we are sinners and we don’t deserve anything.  It is Jesus alone that gives us redemption on the cross and it is likewise the Spirit of God himself that helps us become more Christ-like.

Satan would love to deceive us into thinking we can try to become “good” Christians.  That way he could taunt us (or further trick us) when we inevitably fail.  But the Lord offers a better way and patiently waits for us to realize that (in this case) the easy road is the right one to take.

This doesn’t mean we have no part to play.  However, I’d submit that if you are going to focus your energy on something, focus it on your relationship with the Lord.  He’ll take care of the rest.


One thought on “Not Sinless, But We Can Sin Less

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