What Pride Is Not

I absolutely love this post on Gospel Centric titled “Five Things To know About Pride & Humilty.”  It is short, sweet, and backed up with several scripture references.  Check it out.

One of the points that the author expands upon that I’d like to discuss here is “what pride is not.”

a. Acknowledging and appreciating the gifts and abilities God has given you.
b. The presence of godly desire, ambition and purposeful direction in your life (1 Timothy 3:1
c. Acknowledging the work of God within you.
d. The pursuit of excellence.
e. Defending and proclaiming the truth of Scripture.)

I love this because too often we confuse humility with timidity.  We confuse meekness with weakness.

Contrary to popular belief, God doesn’t say “don’t boast.”  He says, “let him who boasts, boast in the Lord.” (1 Cor 1:31)  I’m not saying to rub your spiritual gifts in people’s faces, just be confident in your talents and don’t be afraid to let people know that you have been blessed by the Lord.  It lets people know that they can turn to you for help with those things and it gives Glory to the one that gifted you.

The pursuit of greatness or excellence is also seen as a very anti-Christian endeavor when it should not.  As we’ve explored on this blog before, if you are pursuing God’s plan with excellence, he’s promised to bless you for it.

Proclaiming Scripture is also something to be bold about.  Again, this isn’t license to belittle or demean someone in an effort to bully them into believing.  Far from it.  But you can’t present the Bible as God’s word without standing behind it 100%. It is the infallible, God breathed, message to mankind from the one and only God and it should be treated with that kind of reverence and confidence.

God may hate pride, but he loves a bold, confident person that loves the Lord with all their might.

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