Wonderful Counselor


Proverbs 15:22

Without consultation, plans are frustrated, But with many counselors they succeed.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the most detail oriented person around.  So it goes without saying that I’ve learned this lesson the hard way many times over.  Even if I think real hard and focus on the task at hand, I always manage to overlook some detail or forget a step along the way.

That’s why I find this proverb to be very useful and relevant to anyone starting a large task.  I think the most successful jobs are a result of preparation.  There’s no shortage of phrases that we use to remind ourselves of this lesson.

  • 90% preparation, 10% perspiration
  • measure twice, cut once
  • Success is where preparation and opportunity meet
  • Today’s preparation determines tomorrow’s achievement

It only makes sense to consult someone who is experienced in the task you have at hand.  They’ve already seen everything that can go wrong and can guide you past those hurdles so you don’t have to learn them the hard way.

Which of course leads us to Jesus, the ultimate counselor.  How many times could we have avoided falling on our faces if we had taken the time to lift our eyes (and shut our mouth) and focus on the wisdom of the Lord?  Quiet reflection on the Word of God opens up unending revelations that bless us in ways we can’t even fathom.

To wit, if you were going to replace your kitchen cabinets yourself, wouldn’t you seek out the advice of someone who’s done that before?  So if you are going to start a new job or ministry or even just plan a vacation, wouldn’t it make sense to spend some time asking God for guidance?


One thought on “Wonderful Counselor

  1. At the risk of sounding stupid: I require the direction and leading of the Lord sometimes in the simple act of breathing. Isn’t it interesting that we find the greatest guidance in the tiniest of tasks.

    By His Grace.

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