So today I turn 35 years old.  In some ways that seems very odd to me.  When I’m around my parents I feel like I’m 25.  When I wake up with a crick in my neck and a gimpy knee I feel like I’m 45.  But something about playing with my 19 month old daughter makes me feel just right at 35.

I am also right around 15 years old in my walk with the Lord.  I have grown and matured much since those early days but I admit that I sometimes take my Faith for granted and miss the “joy of my salvation” that so energized me in those early days.  So Lord, restore my joy and give me greater passion for you and your word this year.

Finally, I’ll note that my wife and I just celebrated our 6th anniversary on Saturday.  I love her more every year and every day and consider her the best blessing (after salvation of course) the Lord has given me in my life (followed shortly by our daughter and the new baby on the way due sometime in late December).  So thank you once again Lord for the heaping on of blessing you’ve done in my life.

I pray that I can be the kind of man that you delight in.  Thank you Lord.


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