1 John 1

Starting a new Bible study on 1 John but continuing to use the inductive Bible study method.

Observations and Interpretations:

  • Starts off by emphasizing the fact that he was a witness to Christ’s teachings.  It sounds like there is some debate over who the author is that wrote this letter, but the author is clearly talking about seeing, touching, and being with Christ.
  • Purpose: That “our joy may be complete” – there’s joy in spreading the Word.
  • Message: “That God is light, and in Him there is no darkness at all.”
  • The message is similar to what Jesus taught about showing fruit.  If we “walk in darkness” (ie. continually sin) then that proves that we aren’t truly saved.
  • But we don’t need to be perfect, we have to let Jesus cleanse us of sin and we will show our faith through fellowship with each other.
  • Confess sins and let Jesus cleanse you.  Don’t lie and pretend that you are without sin.


  • I love that the author’s joy comes from sharing the Gospel and preaching the Word.  He says it makes his joy “complete.”  I think that must be because Christ did the bulk of the job filling him with joy and the rest is up to him to share that joy with others.  I’d like to have that kind of joy in my interactions with people so I’d like to share more of my faith with believers and non-believers alike.

One thought on “1 John 1

  1. Well put. I want to share the gospel more with people too, but I feel so cowardly when I’m on a plane or something like that. I sit there reading my christian book or my Bible, expecting the person sitting next to me to ask me about it. But of course they don’t. Instead I should open my mouth. But I don’t…

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