Time Is A Gift, Use It Wisely

This is not a “sorry I haven’t blogged lately, I’ve been busy” post.  Personally I don’t think of my work on this blog as being all that critical and I never made any promises to anyone anyway.  With that said, I do wish I had taken more time out of my busy schedule to write more often in the past few weeks.  In part because I know some of you actually enjoy reading this little blog, but mostly because it helps me draw closer to my Lord.

I have been swamped at work lately and the playoffs have been a huge, pleasant distraction.  I also make every effort to put family first (though sometimes I fall short at that as well).  But none of that should matter really.  The most important thing of all is my relationship with Jesus.  Bottom line.

If that’s the case, then my time spent with him shouldn’t be relegated to simply blasting through an email devotional or distractedly listening to Christian music on my commute.  But far too often that’s what I fall into.  Lord forgive my lazy, slothful, mis-prioritized habits.

So yeah, I’ll try to blog more, but not just for you or even for me.  I want to do it more for my Lord, because this is one way that I glorify him (as best I can).  Feel free to pray for me and while you’re at it, pray for him to strengthen your own resolve (we all could use some extra refining in our walk).

God bless.


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