Ruth: Applications

I guess it has been a while since I wrote on Ruth and we’ve clearly finished out the study on it.  But I would be remiss not to post a few thoughts on what I consider to be the critical step in inductive Bible study.  The application: or “what does it mean to me?”

Some take away lessons:

  • Ruth is a wonderful example of someone that acted in faith.  She had nothing to hope to gain by sticking with Naomi, yet she held onto her trusting in the Lord’s will and protection.  Sometime in our lives we’ll be faced with a hopeless situation but we’ll know the path that God wants us to take.  Lord give us the strength to take that path in faith.
  • For men: Ruth needed two things over and above anything else in the world.  Protection and provision.  Women all share this need at a fundamental level.  Do whatever you can to make them feel secure and cared for and they will follow you anywhere.
  • For women: A woman of faith can have a radical impact on the world.  Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.  A woman of faith is also very desirable to a man (well, at least the kind of man that you would want to be your servant leader).   Don’t change who you are for a man unless that man is Jesus.
  • Don’t ever lose hope or give up on God.  Naomi was devastated by her losses, but in the end he heaped blessings upon her.  Just one of many examples throughout the Bible.

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