Ruth: Interpretations 2

I wanted to look for more interpretations so I googled “Ruth interpretations” and stumbled upon this link.  I thought the following was a great, and overlooked by me at least, point.

Though the story treats Ruth as the heroine, the story revolves around the redemption of Naomi. The book begins and ends focusing on Naomi. This reveals God’s character in His faithfulness toward His covenant promise of protecting His chosen people, His loving kindness in providing for the helpless widow, and His sovereignty in the surprising twist of using the Moabitess to provide for Naomi.

Ruth is the one that saves the day with her faithfulness, but it isn’t just her fate that is impacted.  God uses Ruth to bless Naomi.

Which got me to thinking about the symbolism a little further.  If Boaz is the Christ figure and Ruth is the Church, what might Naomi represent?  I would say that maybe it is the individual people of the Church.  If the Church as a whole (Ruth) is out there doing faithful service for the Lord, they will bless the individual people of the Church (Naomi) because of it.  I don’t know, maybe that’s a bit of a stretch – these analogies can only really go so far.  But the point is that the Lord uses his blessings to impact not just the person blessed, but those around them as well.


3 thoughts on “Ruth: Interpretations 2

  1. Jeff, I’m not to good with the computer,but I’ll do my best. I finly broke down and read the book through. Not to interfer here are a few observations:chap. 1 realities of poverty. chap.2-4solutions.main subject:Yahwehs activity in the lives of devout ordinary indivdualsand the hebrew word chesed means loyalty,faithfulness,and steadfast love. Through their faithfulness and humble loyality He accomplishes his purpose. God’s sovereignty is demonstrated through the willful faithfulness of his servants.

  2. Ruth had a legal claim on her kinsman-redeemer;people of God have no claim, for us it is solely mercy. My favorite line found throughout our bibles: “The LORD(Yahweh)be with you” (2:4;Deut31:8) Good Night-God Bless!So much for family values amen.

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