Observations on Ruth 3

Follow along here.  Below are my observations on Ruth 3

  • Naomi sees the opportunity and urges her daughter-in-law to seize it.  Don’t just be satisfied with the food and protection.
  • Has a plan
  • Step 1: Wash and anoint yourself (how?) and put on best clothes – understands that men are visual
  • Step 2: Do not see him till he’s done eating and drinking – when he’ll be in good spirits
  • Step 3: When he lies down, uncover his feet and lie down – this I don’t really understand – some kind of custom?- need to research
  • Step 4: Then he will tell you what to do – accepting leadership from the man (though she nudges him in the right direction)
  • She did exactly what her mother-in-law instructed her to do – wise move
  • Boaz went to lie at the end of a heap of grain – why not his own bed?  was this a custom?  or was he drunk?
  • “I am Ruth your maid. So spread your covering over your maid, for you are a close relative.” – was this custom?  How could this not be scandalous?  – again, more research needed
  • Boaz very flattered and reacts first by blessing her.
  • “You have shown your last kindness (offering herself to Boaz) to be better than the first (staying with Naomi) by not going after young men…”
  • “Now, my daughter” – kind, gentle, affectionate wording repeated from earlier
  • “do not fear. I will do whatever you ask” – amazing promise
  • “you are a woman of excellence” – praise and adoration
  • Boaz also thinks through the situation practically – the closer relative has first rights
  • She lays at his feet till morning and “rose before one could recognize another” – again, seems kinda scandalous for that time – even if “nothing happened” so to speak
  • Someone saw her though, because Boaz said “Let it not be known that the woman came to the threshing floor.”
  • Gives her more grain.
  • Mother again gives good advice: “wait (patience), my daughter, until you know how the matter turns out; for the man will not rest until he has settled it today (she knows the heart of men well)

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