Observations on Ruth 2

Continuing my bullet point observations on Ruth.  Sorry if these are not very thought provoking just yet, but they are building to a deeper understanding in the “interpretation” section that is coming up in a week or so.

  • Boaz introduced as “Kinsman” – comes up later as “Kinsman redeemer” – need to research the significance of this
  • Ruth sees Boaz and is drawn to the security and provision he could provide her.  Perhaps a fundamental need for women (and why they are so attracted to rich men?)
  • Ruth seeks mother-in-law’s permission to glean and find favor in Boaz’s eyes.  (Seeks approval and guidance from mother)
  • Naomi gives permission and supports the idea.
  • Gleaned – widows were allowed to glean from the fields what the harvesters dropped.  Hard, back-breaking work. (she was willing to work very hard – an admirable quality)
  • Boaz greets workers with “May the Lord be with you.” – implies that he is a Godly man.
  • Boaz notices Ruth right away – attracted to her?
  • Asks about Ruth – research first rather than simply acting on attraction.
  • Speaks to her with kindness and affection, calls her “my daughter”
  • Promises her security and provision but allows her to keep working.  Shows his kindness and gives out of his wealth and gives him an opportunity to know her better.
  • She is open and honest with him about being a foreigner.  Not common for foreigners to be treated well? (probably)
  • Reason he gives for kindness is her devotion to her mother-in-law.
  • Yet he gives credit to the Lord for rewarding her work.
  • “the God of Israel, under whose wings you have come to seek refuge.” – Power packed statement!  1) Gives the glory to the one true God 2) Makes sure she’s aware that the Lord provides her refuge 3) he himself takes an active role in fulfilling the Lord’s work in her life.
  • “you have comforted me” – great feedback.  If Boaz is anything like me, he’ll love hearing that he’s doing well.
  • Invites her to lunch.  – “he served her” – did he serve her himself or have one of the servants?  I think if he did it himself that’s pretty cool.
  • Further instructs workers to not insult her and to pull out extra grain for her to pick up (lightens her workload and increases her provision)
  • An “ephah of barley” – would assume that is a lot for one woman to glean.
  • She went back and provided Naomi with food and the barley.
  • Naomi blesses Boaz and talks about the Lord giving favor to them (no longer bitter?)
  • Gives Ruth instruction to stick with Boaz and stay under his protection.

4 thoughts on “Observations on Ruth 2

  1. I am a little curious about how you learned the inductive method of bible study? Were you involved with Inter Varsity in college? You can e-mail me if you like. Glad to have you doing the work for us all.

  2. yes, actually I was in Intervarsity in college (JMU class of 97), but also I’m reading through a book called Living by the Book by Howard and William Hendricks for a Bible study that I’m part of.

    were you in IV as well?

    thanks for reading!

  3. yes, I was in IV during college also (RWC class of 73), but I do not know that book. Who is the publisher and is it old or new? I enjoy reading,so thanks for the good work and it is work that should bring us closer to our God. Is he in Ruth by the way? Didn’t see him mentioned much being the author and all. I better read todays now.

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