This Blog Is Not Scripture

Kind of an obvious statement, right?  But the reason I point it out is because I know many people (myself included) get stuck in a rut sometimes by using blogs, devotionals, and even sermons as their only sources of Spiritual food.  As Paul might say “may it never be!”

Don’t get me wrong, these things can all be wonderful complimentary sources of Spiritual growth, but they cannot replace scripture.  Go long enough without reading the scripture itself and you’ll find yourself running on empty and not really sure why or how you got there.

Take this blog for example.  The fundamental flaw with my setup (quote a line from a Psalm or Proverb and comment on it) is that scripture is merely quoted so you don’t get a full picture of the context within chapter or book in which it resides.  I’m reading the whole Psalm, but that doesn’t mean that those reading my blog are.  And I’m fallible (I know, I know, big shock there).  I make mistakes and misinterpret the Bible (hopefully not often and hopefully not too badly – but I’m sure it happens).

Scripture, on the other hand, is perfect and complete.  It never makes mistakes and it supports itself and tells a very compelling story throughout the Bible.  Even better, it supports the greater message by telling many, many fascinating stories along the way.

Reading something like this blog and not reading scripture is a little like reading a commentary about a movie but not watching the movie.  You’ll never get the full picture.  Once you see the movie, the commentary can enrich your experience, but it isn’t a substitute.

So please, please, please don’t use this blog or any type of devotional as your only source of Spiritual food.  Open up the Bible and read it.  Today.  Now!

Here’s a link to an online bible. Pick a book at random, start at the beginning, and start reading.  You’ll be blessed because of it.


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