When Does God Have Bad Timing?

Pslam 75:2

You say, “I choose the appointed time; it is I who judge uprightly.”

When does God have bad timing?  The answer, of course, is never.

Tired of waiting for God to answer your prayers?  Take heart.  He hears you and he knows your heart.  He also fully understands the big picture in a way we’ll never understand.  In fact, time itself is a creation of God.  There is no beginning, middle, and end to God, he just is.  So he is currently caring for us at all the points in our lives at the same time, so he knows how you feel now and how you’ll feel in 10 years (Lord willing).  That perspective makes him uniquely qualified to tell you that your prayers will be answered, but perhaps not in the timeframe that you had in mind (or in the way that you intended).

One of the hardest things to hear in answer to prayer is “just wait.”  But sometimes that is the biggest blessing and answer to our prayers.  And God always has everything firmly under control.


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