Praying For The Greater Good

Pslam 74:1-2

Why have you rejected us forever, O God? Why does your anger smolder against the sheep of your pasture?
Remember the people you purchased of old, the tribe of your inheritance, whom you redeemed– Mount Zion, where you dwelt.

I’m still struck by the fact that so many Psalms don’t sound anything like the worship songs we hear in church on Sunday mornings.  How many times does a pastor begin his sermon wondering out loud why God has rejected us?  I’d venture to guess very few.  But once again, this is raw, honest, emotion from the author of the Psalm.

He isn’t talking about being singularly rejected.  He’s speaking of God’s reaction to his nation that has gone astray.  It is recorded in many parts of the Old Testament that God’s anger burned against his people for failing to follow his commands and acting in selfish, sinful ways.

The author of this Psalm is just one man, but he aches for his people and pleads on their behalf.

I’m convicted by this because all too often my attention is 100% focused on my immediate surroundings and the innermost circles surrounding me.  That is, of course, when I remember to pray for anyone but myself.

So Lord, forgive this nation and the people of this Earth of their sinful ways.  Lead them into revival and draw them close to you.  Inspire us to do great things in your name and perform miracles through us that will glorify you across the globe.  I feel like this nation has a great potential for faith and I pray for your healing to to stretch out to the brokenhearted and wandering souls across the land.  Let this country be a beacon of light to the world, extending the love you modeled for us to people of every nationality, faith, and culture.  Amen.


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