Help! Quick!

Psalm 70:5

Yet I am poor and needy; come quickly to me, O God. You are my help and my deliverer; O Lord, do not delay.

This Psalm is only 5 verses long and this line is how it ends.  You can tell that the author is desperate for help and I think we’ve all had times when we could relate.  Sometimes you just don’t have time to meditate on the word and “be still and know that he is God.”  The clock is ticking and the pressure is rising.

Still, when you have no time left, sometimes the best thing to do is pray (quickly).  In general you have a couple of choices in that situation.  You can either run around trying to fix things and make last minute adjustments in a rush (thus risking making a critical error) or you can take a moment to turn to the ultimate power in the universe and seek assistance and comfort.

You may not always get your originally desired result, but you can’t go wrong (ultimately) with God.  At best, you could have your prayers answered in ways you never dreamed possible.  At worst, you have given your requests to a loving God and put the decision in his hands.  I think he blesses us even when he says no to our prayers simply by being a comfort to us through those situations.  Besides, I guarantee you he’s looking for ways to bless you in other ways.

So next time you see the seconds ticking down and the pressure seems too much to bear, lighten your load by putting your cares on his shoulders.  He’ll gladly take them on and carry you along if necessary.


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