May The Peoples Praise You

Pslam 67:3

May the peoples praise you, O God; may all the peoples praise you.

As a follow on to the post just below this one, it is clear that the peoples of this world are indeed praising God.  Not always in the way that they should and not always as much as they should, but one way or another, God’s praise is being sung.  In fact, he reminds us that if we are silent, the rocks will cry out in God’s name.

I’ll add a reminder that worship doesn’t end on Sunday mornings just before the sermon.  We should be worshiping the Lord in everything that we do.  Not just through song but in our actions, in our thoughts, in our focus.  If we focus on the Lord and do things as we would in his presence, we would honor him and please him.

The Lord is worthy of all our praise and more.  He gives us the privilege of taking part in the praising, so we should seize every opportunity.


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