Treating Quiet Times Like Magic Spells

Thought this was a funny post by the popular blog called “Stuff Christians Like” (a hilarious spoof off of the Stuff White People Like blog).

At the heart of the book are all the kind of magicy stuff you find in most fantasy books. Villains with evil powers. Heroes with good powers, etc. Usually, whether it’s Harry Potter or Wheel of Time, Christians tend to stay away from anything magic flavored. That’s definitely outside of our normal travels, except when it comes to our quiet times.

What’s that? Quiet times? Surely no. I say surely yes! In fact, I realized recently that I treat my quiet times a lot like a magic spell.

I think many of us are guilty of this.  Not only are we asking for a wishlist of items for God to check off on his to do list, but we’re looking for God to “move” us in some way that will justify the sacrifice of our time coming before him.

In truth, we should feel lucky just to have the opportunity to address God, regardless of what we “get out of it” – though I would argue that we get a lot out of the process of worship even if we don’t “feel” it in the moment.


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