A Lamp Unto My Feet

Pslam 32:8

I will instruct you and teach you in the way you should go; I will counsel you and watch over you.

I love it when the Old Testament foreshadows the New Testament.  It is always a good reminder that the two volumes are indeed consistent and supportive of each other.  (For further evidence, read Romans and most of Paul’s letters.)

To me this sounds a lot like the Holy Spirit.  It gives me great confidence and peace of mind to know that the Lord has manifested himself in the Holy Spirit and taken residence in my heart.  He teaches and instructs at all times and gives me direction when I feel lost or off course.

Notice that I didn’t say “I never feel lost or off course.”  I think that happens when I let life crowd my mind with events and random stuff that may seem important in the moment.  However, when I am able to slow down, focus on the Lord, and set my mind on the important things in life (by God’s standards), things become very clear – at least in the short term.

The Lord is a lamp unto my feet, but he doesn’t always show me the horizon.  It isn’t a “blind faith” but it does require trust in the Lord’s direction.  I have grown to trust him in my steps because he says “I will watch over you.”  I have found that to be true time and again.  What a blessing it is.


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