Don’t Underestimate God

Pslam 31:22

In my alarm I said, “I am cut off from your sight!” Yet you heard my cry for mercy when I called to you for help.

The title of this post might seem obvious.  God is God, he can do anything.  Literally anything.  But sometimes he chooses not to.  Sometimes he chooses not to when we feel like we need him the most.  And in our panic, we think that God doesn’t care about us anymore.  That is false.

In fact, in some circumstances, it is a lie planted by the Devil himself in an attempt to snare us.  I try not to dwell on Lucifer and his daemons too much because Christ trumps them 100% of the time.  But Jesus himself talks about their influence on the world, so they shouldn’t be ignored either.

Regardless, we cannot put God into human limitations.  We cannot be “cut off from [God’s] sight.”  It just isn’t possible to limit the Lord that way.  He sees us always and he hears our cries.  He may not always act in the way that we would like him to, but he’s acting for our best interests and for the greater good.

We may have seasons of heartache and trials, but if we follow hard after God’s heart, he will always bless us for it.  Always.


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