Face The Music

I ran across this story in a Daily Devotional today and I had to pass it along:

There is coming a day when we will all have to face the music. The phrase, “face the music,” originated in Japan. A man was a part of the Imperial Orchestra, but he could not play a note. But because he was a man of great influence and wealth, he demanded a place in the group, because he wanted to perform before the emperor. The conductor gave him a seat in the second row of the orchestra, and he was given a little flute. During each concert, he would raise his instrument, pucker his lips, and move his fingers as though he were playing. But he never made a sound.

This deception went on for two years until a new conductor took over and wanted to personally audition every player. One by one, the musicians performed in his presence. Then came the flautist’s turn, and he had to admit he was a fake. He couldn’t “face the music.”

The author’s point is that we will all have to face God at the end.  If you died today, would you be ready?

This isn’t about works.  This isn’t about earning your way into heaven.  We’re all sinners and thus need Christ to enter His Kingdom.

So don’t just pretend to know about Heaven and God and “all that religion stuff.”  Look into it.  Study it.  Seek out someone who knows about it.  You might be surprised by how much you don’t know.  I was.


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