The Gospel In Sports Illustrated!

I was reading my latest copy of Sports Illustrated and decided to read the article on Tim Tebow.  I admire the man for his game and his Faith, but I can’t say that I really root for him or against him (not much of a college football fan).  However, what I was floored by was the presentation of the Gospel (albeit briefly) in the article!

Most sportswriters would totally gloss over the particulars of Tim’s beliefs and chalk it up to “religious stuff” without taking the time to understand and explain the particulars.  The SI writer (Austin Murphy) did what so many others before him didn’t.  He let the Gospel be heard.

The author explained that the Ministry that Tim is associated with believes in things like the infallibility of Scripture, creation (in 6 24 hour days), and the Rapture.  Which sets up the next passage and quote by Tim’s father (Bob) perfectly.

Asked if there is any wiggle room for people nagged by doubts about, say, the creation of the world in six days or the imminence of the Rapture, Bob strikes a warm, inclusive note.  “You don’t have to believe everything I believe to be saved,” he says. “You just need to believe in the Lord Jesus and trust him to give you the free gift of eternal life, and you can figure out Genesis and all that other stuff later.”

Amen.  Perfectly said.

Thank you Bob Tebow and thank you Austin Murphy for leaving that part in.


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