God: Mindreader

Psalm 7:9

O righteous God, who searches minds and hearts

This is one of those attributes about God that always has fascinated me.  Not only can God read your mind, but he knows your motivations better than you do.

Say you decide to head to the soup kitchen to help feed the homeless.  Everyone will see that as a great act of generosity.  But God will know if you are doing it to impress a girl or more-so because you truly want to help.  In fact, he’ll know if it is an 80%/20% split or more like 50%/50%.

Taking it a step further, God calls us murderers if we have hate in our heart for other people.  He condemns us for coveting and having envy.  Only God can see that and only God can judge that.

Thankfully God also freely gives us the path to salvation that is Jesus Christ.  Again, only God knows if you have truly accepted Christ as Lord of your life or if you are simply saying it outwardly.

Here’s a hint though:  If you’ve accepted Christ, your life will be changed (for the better).  Sometimes radically.


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