Pick Up The Phone

Psalm 4:1

Answer me when I call to you, O my righteous God.

God always hears us, but he doesn’t always answer.  At least not right away and not as we would expect or want.  You really get a mental picture of the psalmist’s emotions reading these few simple words.  He’s in need of the one true God’s blessing and he’s calling out to Him for help.  He’s maybe a little frustrated from not getting clear answers in the past and is pleading with the Lord to get some direction this time.

I’m sure we can all relate to that feeling.  At some point in our lives we’ve felt alone in our battles and wandering without God’s guidance.  He’s seemed oddly silent.  However, sometimes that is God’s answer, silence.  To quote the great theologian Garth Brooks, “thank God for unanswered prayers.”  Many times it means that our heart is in the wrong place or on the wrong path and we need to conform it more to His will.  And other times it is just not the right time and we have to learn patience.

The quirky and wonderful thing about many of the Psalms is that while the author starts off pleading with God and seemingly frustrated with Him, eventually he calms down and by the end of the Pslam he’s speaking clear-headed truth.  Such is the case here as he finishes off by saying: “I will lie down and sleep in peace, for you alone, O Lord, make me dwell in safety.”

That is a great side effect to prayer.  Sometimes just the process of speaking to God helps you gather perspective and by the end of it you have asnwered many of your own questions.

God always hears us, but he doesn’t always answer, and that’s ok by me.


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