Toss Away The Crutches

Proverbs 3:5

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

One of my favorite verses but also one that I’m not sure I’ve wrapped my head around yet.

It sounds great in theory.  Don’t “lean” on your own understanding.  Go to God, and trust that His way is right and you’ll do fine.

But how do I apply this directly to my life?  What are some examples of things where my understanding conflicts with God’s?  I’m sure there are plenty, but sometimes I have trouble thinking of them.  I suppose it comes up more with times of hard decisions or crisis.  Our instinct is to give up or look for the easy way out, but God may have us going through that for a good reason (provided our reasons for going through it are consistent with Scripture).

On one hand, someone could point to this verse and accuse Christians of “blind faith.”  However, to “trust God” you first have to hear Him, which implies that you have some basic understanding of what He’s telling you.  So in essence, a mature believer would strive to gain more of God’s wisdom (basically the whole point of Proverbs) rather than to act without understanding.

This is kind of a scattered post this morning, but I’ll open it up to anyone who wants to comment on this that has more insight than I do.  Maybe that’s another way I can “lean not on my own understanding!”

One thought on “Toss Away The Crutches

  1. I find the second part of the verse equally challenging. “in _all_ my ways, acknowledge Him” I don’t want Him to get the credit. I want it. I want to be the famous one not Him. But then I look at the promise offered if do acknowledge. “making my paths straight” I doubt this means easy. But I do think it means that my future will be clear, and safer spiritually.

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