Strong Tower

Proverbs 18:10

The name of the LORD is a strong tower; the righteous run to it and are safe.

Once again, music pops into my head and made me pause on this verse.

The group Kutless has a song called Strong Tower and as you might guess, the lyrics are encouraging.  

When I wonder through the desert / And I’m longing for my home / All my dreams have gone astray. / When I’m stranded in the valley / And I’m tired and all alone / It seems like I’ve lost my way

I go running to your mountain. / Where your mercy sets me free

You are my strong tower / Shelter over me, beautiful and mighty, everlasting king

We all feel like we’ve hit a desert patch in our lives from time to time.  We’ve all been lost, tired, and feeling all alone.  Sometimes it is even hard to see what good it is to open the Bible and get on your knees and pray.

What this imagery does is remind us of how powerful the Lord is and the kind of love and protection we can get from Him just by seeking His face.  You may feel as if the world is attacking you from all sides, but if you take refuge in the Lord, you will find yourself fortified in an impenetrable fortress.

I can’t help but be encouraged by that and motivated to always seek His face in times of struggle.


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